Custom Roofers III, Inc. is proud to be a preferred Enviroshake Certified Company. This means that we're professionals who are authorized to supply and install these high-quality roofing products. We're very happy to be capable of offering customers one of the best options available today for residential and commercial remodeling projects.


An Enviroshake, Enviroshingle or Enviroslate roof is basically a one-time investment, making it a significantly cheaper solution vs. cedar or slate over the life of your roof. Considering the beauty and durability of these innovative products, this truly is the evolution of roofing!


         Quality Engineered Shakes, Shingles and Slate

         Extended Lifetime Warranty

         Maintenance Free (and worry free)

         Environmentally Friendly - Made from 95% Recycled Materials

         Installed for the same price as cedar* and the cost of real slate


In fact, Enviroshake products will retain their physical properties and appearance for decades. These products come with a Lifetime Warranty on materials AND labor, which is fully transferable within the first 50 years for residential projects. Plus, there is a solid 50 Year Warranty for commercial projects as well.


Enviroshake products have unsurpassed durability, are not susceptible to mold, nor are they damaged by UV light. They can actually withstand wind speeds up to 180 MPH!


So, now that you know more about this superior product and its fine attributes, count on Custom Roofers III, Inc. to handle your project as your Enviroshake Experts.